The Adventures of The Prairie Dog Trio Edit

Theme Song: Go Prairie Dogs!

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 26 (52 Sub-segments)

Runtime: 11 minutes per segment, 22 minutes per episode

Values: Friendship, Teamwork, Harmony

Plot: Edit

A spin-off from Sheriff Callie's Wild West, this series follows everyday life with the lovable musical trio from the same show, the Prairie Dogs, who use their wits to solve problems in Greenwood City. This will be a Disney Junior show, but will have some elements common to a Disney Channel show. Edit

Characters Edit

Main Characters: Edit

Lucas Grabeel: Jack Edit

Jessica DiCicco: Maisy Edit

Tom Kenny: Ricky Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Sam Vincent: Jack Sr. Edit

Sirena Irwin: Martha Edit

Tara Strong: Angeline, Grandma Jane Edit

Matt Hill: Biff the Great Edit

Frank Welker: Hal, Rob Edit

Rick D Wasserman: Mayor Dexwell Edit

Kevin Michael Richardson: Old Crow Edit

Andrea Libman: Nano, Nanette Edit

Clancy Brown, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes and Desiree Goyette provide the voices for additional characters. Edit

Episodes: Edit

There are 2 seasons with 26 episodes (and 52 segments each). Edit

Season 1: Edit

1. Team Player/Jack in Love Edit

Plot: The trio try to set aside their differences as they help out the local football team./Jack falls in love with a female stork named Angeline, and tries to win her heart.

2. A Sticky Situation/The Sweet Smell of Music Edit

Plot: When Old Crow's special glue device goes haywire, it causes many citizens, including Ricky and Jack, to get stuck together, the eccentric inventor and Maisy work together to get everyone unstuck./Maisy teaches Jack and Ricky to play new instruments asides from banjos or guitars, her new flute included, to their initial frustration.

3. Maisy In Charge/Best Friends Edit

Plot: When Jack catches the flu, Maisy takes charge. However, she becomes too bossy and annoying, much to Ricky's dismay./

4. Camp Out/Grandma's Hugs Edit

Plot: /

5. The Bully/A Trip To The Beach Edit

Plot: When a mean bulldog self-proclaiming himself "Biff The Great" terrorizes the students of Greenwood Elementary, including Ricky's younger twins Hal and Rob, Ricky, Jack and Maisy decide to teach the bully a lesson./The trio go to the beach to relax for the day, but whenever they try to chill out, random people call them for help, making them fed up, until a real emergency happens.

6. Circus Clowns/Triple Trouble Edit

Plot: The circus comes to town, but /When Jack, Ricky and Maisy get thrown in jail when they are framed for robberies they did not commit, it is up to Hal and Rob to free the former three and find the real culprits.

7. Hal, Rob and Jack: Brother Montage/Scarefoot Edit

Plot: /Jack, Maisy and Ricky go with Old Crow to find the legendary Scarefoot (a Bigfoot lookalike). However, they soon find out the creature's side of the story.

8. Runaway Ricky (Part 1)/Runaway Ricky (Part 2) Edit

9. Meet The Parents/ Edit


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